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Digging in to legumes and the potential of the Legume Innovation Network

This webinar introduces the webinar series. Illustrating how crop management, variety development and the wider value-chain elements and global economics impact on the delivery of ecosystem services, including the success of growers.

It will outline how the value chain functions from processing through to marketing.
End-user concerns will be highlighted from the perspective of feed and food, health, and environmental functions. It will outline how the subsequent webinars will address these issues.

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To be recorded and posted here soon after the event.


Provisional programme: Starting at 10am CET (for 110 mins).

10’ Introduction: The Legvalue project, the True project and the concept of the Legume innovation network.

Frederic Muel  - The LegValue project    - Project leader

Dr Pete Iannetta - The TRUE project   - Project leader

20 ‘ EC talk: Kerstin Rosenow  - ’The contribution of R&I to achieve agricultural and environmental objectives - The role of R&I on legumes and protein crops’ How R&I  helps achieve overall agricultural and environment related objectives, and how R&I on legumes / protein crops feature in their realisation.

Kerstin Rosenow is the Head of the unit Research and Innovation ( AGRI>DDG1.B.2 ) 

20’  EC talk: Laurent Mercier : "Recent EU initiatives on the development of plant proteins”  (not covering research aspects)

Laurent is Market Officer Markets and Observatories - Arable crops (AGRI.DDG3.G.4)

“Laurent Mercier, from the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission, will present recent initiatives that has emerged following the Commission's Report on "the development of plant proteins in the EU" adopted in November 2018. He will highlight the opportunities for EU grown protein that will be created through the CAP reform currently under discussion between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission and will refer to the ongoing review of the EU promotion policy of farm and food products initiated this year. He will also describe the Commission work on improving market transparency for the plant protein sector. Finally, he will mention various initiatives in Member States promoting the development of EU grown protein.”

30’   Dr Christian Huyghe - Is the general context favourable to the development of legumes, agroecology  and sustainable food systems

Christian is Scientific Director of Agriculture , INRA,  - since 2010

15’   Dr Antoine Messean – The support of the EC: H2020 current projects supporting legumes Where research activities are targeted, and  legumes for crop diversification

 Antoine is Research Manager at INRA  - since 2004.

15’- Roger Vickers; Frederic Muel , Pete Iannetta  : The Close- a new beginning.

Introduction to the webinar series and an invitation to involvement in the LIN.


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The Leg Value project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 727672.

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