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Recent EU initiatives on the development of plant proteins - a DG Agri presentation

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"Recent EU initiatives on the development of plant proteins"

Laurent MERCIER       

Markets Officer:Markets and Observatories - Arable crops
European Commission DG AGRI

Slides of a presentation given during Webinar 1 "Digging in to legumes and the potential of the Legume Innovation Network" of the 8 Webinar series ‘European Legumes in Transition’ 14 April 2021

Highlighting the opportunities for EU grown protein that will be created through the CAP reform currently under discussion between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission and  refering to the ongoing review of the EU promotion policy of farm and food products initiated this year. The Commission's work on improving market transparency for the plant protein sector is also described. Finally, Antoine mentions various initiatives in Member States promoting the development of EU grown protein.”

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