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The Role of R&I on Legumes and Protein Crops - a DG Agri presentation

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"The contribution of R&I to achieve
agricultural and environmental objectives. The role of R&I on legumes and protein crops" 

DG AGRI Head of Unit B2: Research &

Slides of a presentation given during Webinar 1 "Digging in to legumes and the potential of the Legume Innovation Network" of the 8 Webinar series ‘European Legumes in Transition’ 14 April 2021

The European Green Deal sets the path to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The Farm to Fork is one of the strategies at the heart of the Green Deal, calling for a shift to sustainable agricultural and food systems that bring environmental, health and social benefits, and ensure a sustainable livelihood for farmers. Research and innovation (R&I) in agriculture are key drivers in accelerating this transition. In 2016, DG AGRI developed a strategic approach to EU agricultural research and innovation, with the current European Green Deal priorities already at its heart. To bring the strategy to action, we have built on the strengths and synergies of the Research and Innovation Framework Programme (Horizon 2020) and of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).  Under Horizon 2020, the EU has financed 315 transnational research projects, and more than 2000 EIP-AGRI Operational Groups have been supported at local level under the CAP, building knowledge and innovations needed to accelerate progress towards the objectives of the Green Deal and future CAP. This includes research and innovation activities focused on legume crops, strengthening the role of legumes in farming systems and agri-food/feed chains and promoting their potential agronomic, environmental and economic objectives.

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