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LEGVALUE 2nd Annual News Letter

The Legvalue project's 2nd annual news letter is packed with useful links and interesting information about the project and developments in legumes around Europe.

the content summary as follows:

  1. Introduction: News and Views of Frederic Muel - Project leader
    1. Legume Food news
  2. Publications: Project Information and related publications since September 2018
  3. Crop Diversifcation Cluster: How the project is teaming up with others for added impact.
  4. Case Study Focus: A closer look at selected case studies featured in the Legvalue Project
    1. Dry Peas in the UK.
    2. Faba Beans in the UK.
    3. Swiss Organic Soya bean value chain.
    4. A Study of the Faba Bean value chain in Germany.
  5. Project Partner focus: A closer look at the skills and experiences of 3 project partners
    1. Terres Inovia
    2. PGRO
    3. Terres Univia
  6. European Plant Based Protein Awards: A summary
  7. European Policy News: A round up of plant protein developments in the EU
  8. Legume News from France: A roundup of activities, events and publications from France.
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About the author

Frederic Muel
Terres Inovia

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The Leg Value project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 727672.

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