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Developing grain legume production in Europe – why & how ?

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Developing grain legume production in Europe – why & how ?

A collection of slides presented by:

David Gouache: Deputy Director ; Director of Research chez Terres Inovia presented at the IGC Grains Conference 2020

Take Home messages:

  • Grain legume cropping in EU needs to increase x7-8 to reach the sensible worldwide benchmark
  • In France = changing only 5% of cereals + corn to grain legumes à not a revolution, just an evolution
  • Small shift but big step to sustaining competitiveness of EU agriculture
  • Small shift but big step for all players in agricultural industry : technical innovation, value chain innovation all require time and collective efforts
  • Innovation for legumes needs to be protected & stimulated, not thwarted by regulations
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Frederic Muel
Terres Inovia

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