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An introduction to the 8 webinar series " European Legumes in Transition"

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A summary of the legume-situation & introduction to the webinar series, with an introduction to the LIN concept.

Illustrating how crop management, variety development, the wider
value-chain and global economics, impact on the delivery of ecosystem
services, including the success of growers. It will outline how the value chain functions from processing through to marketing. End-user concerns will be highlighted from the perspective of feed and food, health, and the environmental functions. Introducing how the subsequent webinars will address these issues.


Frederic Muel (LegValue project leader)

Pete  Iannetta (TRUE project leader)

Roger Vickers (LegValue/TRUE projects)

Slides of a presentation given during Webinar 1 "Digging in to legumes and the potential of the Legume Innovation Network" of the 8 Webinar series ‘European Legumes in Transition’ 14 April 2021

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Frederic Muel
Terres Inovia

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