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This report by SAPEA is opened with a preface by Professor Peter Jackson FBA Chair of the Working Group who concludes it with the following..

'Our report focuses on policies and practices whose efficacy has been scrutinised in the peer-reviewed academic literature. We have attempted to identify what works in terms of policy and practice, including the barriers and enablers of change towards a more sustainable and socially just food system. Each section of the report concludes with a list of key messages and policy implications'..

The final paragraph of the executive summary concludes..

'Meeting the global demand for food in 2050 will require significant dietary change as well as large reductions in food waste, as technology or yield increases are unlikely to meet demand alone. Evidence of ‘what works’ requires strengthening, including further
research on the public understanding of science and consumer acceptance of new technologies.'

SAPEA is part of the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism. Together with the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors, it provides independent scientific advice to European Commissioners to support their decision-making.



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