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Gaps in legume availability, access and awareness

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Slides presented during "Pushing the boundaries in Legume Breeding "

Webinar 5: European legumes in transition 29th April 2021

"Gaps in legume availability, access and awareness of suitability for regional production in Europe. Opportunities presented from a retailer's perspective 

Hodmedod was founded in 2012 following a community project that asked whether a small regional city could feed itself in a manner that addressed climate change and resource constraints. Quickly Realising that the critical missing link was vegetable protein and specifically pulses, Hodmedod set about creating higher value, short routes to market that would incentivise production and consumption. Co-founder Josiah Meldrum will explain how that work came to involve varietal selection and agronomy as well as marketing, and the opportunity Hodmedod sees for plant breeding to better respond to growing demand for human consumption pulse crops.

Presented by : Josiah Meldrum - Co-founder and director Hodmedods UK

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