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Quality management for different legumes markets

In legume markets quality aspects play a crucial role for
different stakeholders. Quality aspects differentiate markets
as private actors use quality aspects to develop competitive
advantages by meeting consumers’ requirements
(Smadja et al. 2021). Thereby, quality parameters are part
of price-determining factors (Smadja et al. 2021). The influence
of quality parameters varies, depending on the
legume crop.
In the EU-project LegValue, quality criteria and quality
management system (QMS) in the EU and outside for faba
bean, field pea, soybean, lentil and chickpea were described
(Smadja et al. 2021). Krieger and Schiefer (2004)
define QMS as formalised systems that document process,
procedure and responsibilities for achieving quality
policies and objectives. The objective of this research note
is to summarize and consolidate the findings of the EUproject
LegValue with regard to quality aspects and to
make these results more accessible.

The report "Quality management for different legumes markets" has been produced by

Abdoulaye Traoré,  Tiana Smadja, Maëlle Simmen :  Terres Univia, France;


Bruno Kezeya, Marcus Mergenthaler :  FH-SWF Soest, Germany

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Bruno Kezeya Sepngang

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