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About the Project

LEGVALUE is a participatory project, open to the engagement of stakeholders in the pulse and legume industry in Europe.

The objectives of LEGVALUE are; to define platforms for change that can help deliver greater EU self-sufficiency in vegetable protein production; to identify opportunities for innovation, adding value to markets and all participants in the value chains and; to recognise opportunities to influence change, be they at commercial, research or at policy level.

The ultimate benefits are the fostering of greater, more profitable legume and pulse production in the EU to satisfy a larger more valuable and diverse market to the financial benefit of all in the value chains and to deliver social and environmental benefits to all

During the project stakeholders will have the opportunity to be included in an open access network and European stakeholder directory. It is intended that the established network should survive the project as a stage, a virtual organisation representing interested parties involved in pulses and legumes in Europe.

The project consortium consists of 24 Research and Industry partners and will study a wide range of value chains, producer networks, processors and markets. This will be combined with environmental studies and the impacts of policy propositions, ultimately outlining and recommending opportunities to influence pathways for change all along the supply chain.

Engagement of any interested stakeholder is encouraged regardless of whether they are involved in the original consortium and regardless of the commitment they are able to give.

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The Leg Value project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 727672.

European Union Legume Innovation Network