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Lenticchia di Altamura IGP


Via Lisbona, 8 Via Cristoforo Colombo, 16

Lenticchia di Altamura IGP
Main Contact:
Antonio Nisi
Area of Interest:
Trade, Commodities, Seed, Production, Processing, Manufacturing, Research, Policy/Legislation, Agronomy, Press, Grower
Company Profile:

The Consortium for the Protection and Valorisation of Lentil of Altamura I.G.P. was born to protect the peculiarity of lentil, authentic legume, history and symbol of Made in Murgia. Guarantees that the production of Lentil of Altamura I.G.P. meets the quality requirements set out in the production regulations, enhances and makes known this small legume in Italy and in the world.Active in protection against counterfeits to preserve this ancient food, like the land of origin.

Contact: Antonion Nisi

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