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Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre

+371 (0) 630 205 13

Rigas IELA 34 Ozolnieki Ozolnieku Novads
Latvia 3018

Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre
Main Contact:
Oskars Balodis
Area of Interest:
Research, Agronomy
Company Profile:

The Latvian Agricultural Advisory and Training Centre (LLKC)  is situated in Ozolnieki, about 30 km south of Riga. It is owned by the State represented by Ministry of Agriculture and 1% of share capital is owned by the Farmers’ Federation of Latvia. LLKC has about 450 employees and there is Rural development and advisory offices of the LLKC in each of the 26 regions. The main activities are advisory services and training of farmers and rural entrepreneurs, farm demonstration programs, market surveys, information for farmers, etc.


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