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IGV Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH


Arthur-Scheunert-Allee 40/41 14558

IGV Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH
Main Contact:
Martha Walter
Area of Interest:
Production, Processing, Manufacturing, Research
Company Profile:

IGV GmbH develops innovative products, facilities and processes for food and feed production, and is an expert in the field of biotechnology using microalgae. We are in particular focusing on healthy food and food with added health benefits. This includes the development of new recipes based on natural raw materials and the elimination of additives, as much as possible. We take the individual requests of our customers in terms of Clean Label, organic production, nutritional composition, allergies and food intolerances into consideration. Within the scope of research projects, we handle material-science as well as technological and engineering tasks. Our focus is on current market trends or the solving of individual problems described by our customers. Areas of emphasis include modified raw materials, efficient handling of raw material resources, healthy food, energetically feasible and quality-assuring production processes, in-line process control for trouble-free production and high quality final products.

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