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"UK Vining pea farm network case study "

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"UK Vining pea farm network case study"

Dr Becky Howard - PGRO, UK

A presentation given during Webinar 2 "Optimising Legume Production" of the 8 Webinar series ‘European Legumes in Transition’ 20 April 2021

Vining peas are grown on 40-50,000 ha in the UK, producing 160,000 to 200,000 tonnes of peas for the frozen market, valued at approximately £56 to £70 million (farmgate) per annum. Production is carried out by co-operative groups in areas suitable for pea production, from Eastern Scotland to the South-East of England. The case study aims to investigate the vining pea value chain. Emphasis has been given to the issues associated with intensive production in limited geographic areas of the UK near to processing factories, particularly regarding soil health, yield and maturity prediction, the requirement for high quality produce and requirements for strict factory scheduling. The Green Pea Company growers and Birds Eye UK processors are key partners.

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