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The organization of a Chickpea value chain in Portugal

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Slides presented during "Legume-based value chains, farm gate and the market beyond"

Webinar 3: European legumes in transition 22nd April 2021

"The organization of a Chickpea value chain in Portugal"

Describing the organisation of the chickpea value chain from seeders to processors and the way production contracts are used to stabilize prices and secure investment

Chickpea production area and production per unit area in Portugal has been increasing. In 2018, 2600 hectares produced 2000 tons. This increase as been partly due to the rotational benefits of these crops, and the superior financial returns above the traditional cereals crops of wheat and barley. Since 2015, AICF has been developing the value chain from field to consumer, integrating seed company, intermediary organization, farmer network, input supplier, processor and research centers. The chickpea is not an agricultural commodity, so prices are not defined globally. The implementation of the fixed price strategy allows the value chain to be strengthened.

Presented by : Carlos Piera, AICF Agro Inovação S.A., Portugal.

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