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The organisation of an organic Soybean value chain in Switzerland

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Slides presented during "Legume-based value chains, farm gate and the market beyond"

Webinar 3: European legumes in transition 22nd April 2021

"The organisation of an organic Soybean value chain in Switzerland"

Describing the organisation of the organic soybean value chain for FOOD and FEED from farmers to retailers and the way production contracts are used to stabilize prices, increase knowledges and know-how and secure quality and investments at each actors level.

This short presentation aims to demonstrate that to initiate, build, consolidate and sustain a value chain, it is necessary to be able to rely on relationships based on transparency, trust and the skills of each professional. The knowledge of the realities of each process of the manufacture of a product must be part of the activities necessary for the realization and sustainability of the process as a whole.

Presented by: Nathaniel Schmid - Advisor at FIBL ,Switzerland

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