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Organic faba bean in Denmark

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"Organic faba bean in Denmark"

Inger Bertelsen - SEGES Organic Innovation, Denmark

Slides of a presentation given during Webinar 2 "Optimising Legume Production" of the 8 Webinar series ‘European Legumes in Transition’ 20 April 2021

Growing of faba bean has increased in Denmark during the last decade especially in organic farming. Total growing area increased from 1.753 ha in 2010 (44 pct. organic) to 19.369 ha in 2020 (56 pct. organic). The growth is based on simultaneously development of growing and feeding through on farm trials, research, knowledge exchange and a strong implementation at the farms and in value chains. Faba beans are used for animal feed (cattle, pig and poultry), but there is an increasing interest for faba beans for plant based foods.

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