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Legume Perspectives 22 - An update on LUPIN CROPS and their potential - Journal of the International Legume Society

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This special issue of Legume Perspectives focuses on the grain legume species of the genus Lupinus commonly known as
lupins. Lupins are a member of the Fabaceae (or Leguminosae), widely distributed and the third largest plant family by the total number of species identified. This makes the species interesting to study from an evolutionary point of view.

Despite the large number of species only four have been domesticated.
Nevertheless, lupins play an important role in agricultural and ecological systems and are gaining an interest as a human health food or food ingredient.

An increased research interest was evident at the International Legume Society Conference held in 2019 in Poznan
Poland, where 7 oral and 22 poster presentations focused on lupin research. This led to the idea of having a focus issue on lupins. 

On behalf of the Legume Society, we wish to thank the authors of the articles in this issue for their concise and well written contributions.

Lars Kamphuis
Karam Singh
Managing Editors of Legume Perspectives issue 22

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