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Legume market PRICE OBSERVATORY.A download of price reporting sources and initiatives

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Prices observatory for legumes

An output of LegValue

This observatory brings together the sources of different prices that the stakeholders use for the different flow of goods in the supply chains according to the different type of legumes, (pea, faba bean, lentil, chickpea, and soybean).

These include producer prices, market prices, the export and the import unit values. Each platform/source is associated with an internet link, which reports prices.

The observatory clarifies also whether the platform requires subscription or not. Frequency and period of publication of prices, the method of data collection, and the type of products are also mentioned. 

Reality: Very little information about prices of legumes is available for stakeholders. In fact, market information is only accessible by specialists, leading to non-transparent pricing systems and asymmetry of market information.

Goals: A challenge for this prices observatory is to fill the gap of information by improving transparency on the markets of the legumes.

Primarily, this observatory shows where the prices of legumes are collected.

Secondly, it might help all, along the value chains to have an overview on  prices and to analyse the trends during recent years.

Thirdly, value visibility may be helpful in the development of price indicators  that could contribute to reduced information asymmetry and motivate other stakeholder interest in legumes.


Note: We cannot guarantee that the inserted links will always be functional. You should use them as a guide if they are no longer up to date.

Some links, will not lead directly to prices as users will have to go through a filtering/selection process themselves.

Users: all stakeholders and researchers

Contributing partners: 

Terres Univia (France), Fachhochschule Südwestfalen (Germany), Terres Inovia (France), PGRO (United Kingdom)

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