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Legume Aquafeeds

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Slides presented during " The Diversity of end uses for Legumes"

Webinar 4: European legumes in transition 27th April 2021

"Legumes in Aquafeeds" - Matthew Slater - Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Germany

Legumes such as Lupin, Faba Bean, Pea and Sustainably produced Soya Bean have a role to play in replacing fishmeal and other unsustainable protein sources in feeds for fish and shrimp in aquaculture (aquafeeds). The researchers at AWI have worked for the past few years on developing optimal formats and formulations of aquafeeds containing legumes. These formulations and diets are valuable for producers aiming to make fed aquaculture of salmon, shrimp of seabass more sustainable in the future.

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