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How a feed manufacturer can generate added value with pulses

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Slides presented during " The Diversity of end uses for Legumes"

Webinar 4: European legumes in transition 27th April 2021

"How a feed manufacturer can generate added value with pulses?"

Seed selection and combination, technological processes and use patterns

In order to bring added value to seed legumes, VALOREX establishes a value chain through its innovations from the field to the fork. (i) Crop innovations where an incentive contractualization makes the cultivation, of specific varieties with particular technical itineraries, sustainable for the supply of seeds with a high content of nutrients of interest; (ii) Innovations in processing where the skillfully combined seeds are treated by a succession of mechanical, enzymatical and thermomechanical treatments to increase their added value thanks to the concomitant increase in the content and digestibility of the nutrients of interest; (iii) Innovations in the animal feed's chain sector where the use of these protein solutions in livestock feed, thanks to the choice of nutritional values, the right dose and the type of substitution, provide solutions to animal feed's chain sector looking for protein autonomy.

Presented by : Mathieu GUILLEVIC - Valorex, France

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