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GSP - “groupement des sélectionneurs de protéagineux

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Slides presented during "Pushing the boundaries in Legume Breeding "

Webinar 5: European legumes in transition 29th April 2021

 Presentation of the GSP - “groupement des sélectionneurs de protéagineux” 

The GSP is an economic interest group, gathering the main seed companies, breeding pea or faba bean in France. It was created in order to facilitate and develop the research and breeding activities of its members on peas and faba beans. Currently, the GSP has 6 members (Agri-Obtentions, Florimond-Desprez, KWS-Momont, Limagrain, RAGT and Serasem) and receives financial and human supports from Terres Inovia, the French technical center for the oil and protein sector and Terres Univia, the French interbranch organization for oil and protein crops and products. Within the GSP, breeders jointly create and maintain pre-breeding populations in order to produce genetically improved donors ; they develop tools and methods and carry up field trials or tests under controlled conditions to characterize lines of peas or faba beans.

Presented by:  Dr Martine Leflon - Laboratory head and agronomist TERRES INOVIA, France

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