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EU-supported Research and Innovation activities on protein crops

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Slides presented during "How legume science is enabling industry "

Webinar 6: European legumes in transition 4th May 2021

"EU-supported Research and Innovation activities on protein crops"

Presented by:  Susana Gaona Sáez - Programme Officer, Research and Innovation Unit ,DG Agriculture and Rural Development

Research and Innovation (R&I) are key drivers for improving the competitiveness of EU-grown protein plants. Under the current EC R&I Horizon-2020 framework, the Commission has funded transnational research projects benefitting legume crops at different scales. Using such resources from Horizon 2020, and the Rural Development Programmes (RDP), the EC also supports innovation activities through the ‘European Innovation Partnership’ for ‘Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability’ (EIP-AGRI). Under the EIP-AGRI, several Operational Groups (OGs) cover protein crops, addressing more local challenges. Through all the activities, multi-actor and systems approaches have supported increased competitiveness of EU-grown protein crops. These approaches will continue to guide R&I activities under Horizon Europe framework, and help make these crops more competitive, while ensuring their role in cross-cutting issues related to crop diversification, sustainable soil management, and nutrient cycles - in line with the objectives of the ‘Report on the Development of Plant Proteins in the EU’, plus the ‘Farm-to-Fork’ and ‘Biodiversity’ Strategies.


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