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Easy peasy legume recipes - for kids across the globe

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Easy peasy legume recipes for kids across the globe – introducing kids to legume cooking

As part of a student project for the TRUE Project WP3: Nutrition and product development at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, a children's cookbook with legume recipes was created by former Erasmus student and current TRUE student assistant Eva Lingemann. 

In a colourful design, the book presents various recipes all featuring at least one legume variety. Recipes are linked to the three pedoclimatic zones ‘Atlantic’, ‘Continental’ and ‘Mediterranean’, distinguished by the colour scheme. Little legume characters, drawn by Styliani Siomou, lead children and their parents through the book, taking them on a journey around the globe. They do not only provide general information on legumes, cooking and storing processes but also background stories, "Did you know"- facts and tips on the preparation.

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