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Danau Soja - developing Soya production in Europe

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Slides presented during "Pushing the boundaries in Legume Breeding "

Webinar 5: European legumes in transition 29th April 2021

  "The contribution of Donau Soja for developing soybean production and use in Europe

During the last 10 years, soybean production in the EU and its neighbouring countries has experienced an enormous upwards trend. Prolonging this trend as well as embedding other grain legumes in a holistic and sustainable protein strategy for Europe is a priority for Donau Soja. Donau Soja supports all its partners and members in progressing change to address social, environmental and economic challenges in soya production and consumption. This will increase efficiency, fairness and sustainability in European food and feed protein value chains.

Presented by: Leopold Rittler, Head of Research & Innovation in Donau Soja. Austria

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