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LegBox - a transnational decision support system concept


The LegValue Decision-support system is the transnational concept, called LegBox (Schneider et al.

2021), focused on the first version upon the inclusion of grain legumes in cropping systems (adding

new species or enlarging the surfaces). The main objective of LegBox is to share knowledge on legume based cropping systems with farmers and advisors (and any other stakeholder): by raising awareness among people who have little or no knowledge of these crops, by sharing the indirect benefits from the ecosystem services they provide, by providing recommendations according to the user's soil climate or socio-economic context, so that the farmer can adapt this information to his own situation.

LegBox still needs to be adapted to the national or regional context to cover the different

agricultural conditions in European countries. This will also ensure its integration into the local advisory ecosystem to reach farmers and advisors effectively.

The design of the LegBox should be continued in order to complement and improve it, by:

  • enlarging (i) the scope for the type of legumes to be included and (ii) the diversity of systems

to be considered,

  • going deeper in each module information and functions
  • targeting a more precise customisation
  • adapting it with more regional data.

In addition, the enrichment of knowledge from both R&D activities (up-dated knowledge and

references) and field and farmers experience (issued from regional activities or feedback through the

tool uses) should enable to feed more information and decision rules in the tool (limiting factors,

economic data, characterisation of the different services and related benefits, etc.)

LegBox is indeed a tool OPEN for collaborations to enrich and disseminate legume-based

information for agricultural transition.

 A French software is in preparation by Terres Inovia in parallel with the LegValue project and will be operational in spring 2022.

Contact: Anne Schneider, Terres Inovia, France

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