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Conclusions needed for policy practicability and good practices (T4.4)

Pub - Topic: Policy, Report

The document represents the output from Task 4.4, the third and last series of national workshops. The purpose of the meeting is to identify best practices and perspective improvements in policy instruments by discussing with experts and stakeholders in the sectors.  

By gathering their views across seven European nations, the objective of the meetings is to evaluate the of defined policy instruments towards increasing the production of legumes in Europe.  Different approaches have been used to collect and to validate the results of the task T4.4 presented in this document.

The main contribution comes from the preliminary results of consultations with experts during the rounds workshops under the task T4.1 and T4.2. At the same time, research on existing literature, in T4.1, has enabled us to analyse the impact of policies affecting legumes and to perform a diagnostic of current policies in order to identify emerging policy needs.

Proposals for instruments and best practices were also sketched out to enable emerging policy developments such as the CAP post 2020, the Farm to Fork Strategy and other elements of the European Green deal (e.g EU Biodiversity strategy for 2030) to support the mainstreaming of legume production across the EU.

The information gathered was also integrated with the results from the webinar number 7 (on policy). The webinar allowed to further identify and analyze the existence of certain policy needs at national level that explain the heterogeneity of conditions across the EU in the context of legumes. 

To conclude, the results presented are built also on the output of several WPs in the project, through the analysis of their deliverables and notes taken at meetings and internal workshops.

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