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The Legume Innovation Network

The Legume Innovation Network

The LIN is intended as a complimentary platform to bring unity to the somewhat fragmented legume sector stakeholders.

It aims to retain an enduring focus on innovation and issues spanning the legume supply networks and should ensure a wide membership base that embraces all aspects of:

  • input and production, commodity processing and food technologies;
  • trading markets, retailing plus new and emerging markets;
  • cultural aspect including ‘sustainable consumption and environmental impacts;
  • socio-economics, governance and policy development.

Whilst LIN is borne out of formalised projects,  it was always the view that it should be co-owned by others in 2021, thereafter continuing to evolve to meet the needs of those within the network.

We are seeking your commitment to the continuation of the LIN. This commitment is seen as a declaration of intent to ensuring the continuation of the LIN with the overall aim of increasing the crop area of pulses in Europe and increasing the level of protein crop self-sufficiency.

To get connected join the LIN Stakeholder Directory:

You can also connect in with the LIN in the DIH Agrifood Cooperation platform a digital innovation hub connecting agribusinesses in Europe.

You can participate in LIN connectivity in Linked In via the LIN group

You can contact the organisers via this website.


Join the LEGVALUE Community

The Leg Value project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 727672.

European Union Legume Innovation Network