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The development of plant proteins in Europe- November conference summarises the position of the commission.

CATEGORY: Policy, Report

‘The Conference on the Development of Plant Proteins in the European Union’ was held on 22-23 November 2018 in Vienna, co-hosted by the Austrian Minister for Sustainability and Tourism, Ms Elisabeth Köstinger and the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Phil Hogan.

The position of the commission on the subject is summarised with papers provided in English, French and German.

At the conference, Commissioner Phil Hogan summed up the issues in five points, and emphasised that the conference marked the starting point for the development of a protein plan for the coming years. The five points are:

  1. Take into account ‘protein crops’ in the future CAP, with definition of national strategies on ‘protein crops’.
  2. Continue R&D support to increase the competitiveness of these crops (EIP-AGRI, Horizon Europe). Note: There is still time to make proposals for tenders for 2020, the last year of H2020.
  3. Bring better transparency of the markets through monitoring tools by DG AGRI.
  4. Promote the benefits of protein-rich plants  (environment, health and nutrition, climate change). Note: A promotion budget of 200 M € is available in 2019.
  5. Share know-how on best practices through common knowledge platforms.

An important outcome of the conference was the division and recognition of the three markets segments/categories:

  1. Normal feed:  international market where legumes (excluding soy) are not often competitive. The FEFAC position is supported by the commission.
  2. Premium feed: such as organic and GMO-free markets, with technological processes that improve nutritional value. Recognition of the additional space for legumes.
  3. Food: Legumes must be more valued as food in Europe.

                        i: To access to the conference presentations:


The conference reported on the debates held during four workshops throughout the year 2018. Two speakers were partners of LegValue - MB Magrini and Chris de Visser. The DG AGRI team have been congratulated for the work accomplished. This is just a starting point, but it is well done!

      i: To access all the debates and workshop presentations on the development of plant protein in Europe:


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