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Useful links to Research Projects and Industry forums


Promotes sustainable farming practice including traditional agricultural techniques, new technology and concepts, and cutting edge innovation.  

Diversify Project                                     EU H2020 project

Aims to optimise the performance of crop species mixtures or ‘plant teams’ to improve the productivity and sustainability of European agriculture

LEGATO Project      EU FP7 project

Identifying priority issues currently limiting grain legume cultivation and devising solutions in term of novel varietal development, culture practices, and food uses.

REMIX Intercropping project           EU H2020 project

Designing cropping systems based on agro-ecology for the benefit of farmers and the whole EU agricultural community.                  

LEGUVAL - project    

Targets the use and valorisation of by-products of processed grain legumes by the extraction of the proteinaceous fraction.          

TRUE Project                                         EU H2020 project

Aims to identify the best routes, or “transition paths” to increase sustainable legume cultivation and consumption across Europe. 

Protein 4 Life project

Studying the social, demographic and psychological drivers of food choices surrounding protein intake.

International Legume Society    

Fulfilling a long-term strategy of linking together the research on all legumes worldwide.

Legitimes Project                              EU FP7 project

French project evaluating regional use of legumes in cropping systems in response to global changes.

DIVERFARMING Project                       EU H2020 project

Crop diversification and low-input farming across Europe:practitioners engagement, ecosystems services, increased revenues and chain organisation

EUROLEGUME project                             EU FP7 project

Enhancing legume growing in Europe through sustainable cropping for protein supply for food and feed

PROVIDE project                  EU H2020 project

PROVIding smart DElivery of public goods by EU agriculture and forestry. Evidencing, tools and improved incentive and policy options 

Legumes Translated                       EU H2020 project

EU Framework Programme Thematic Network. A knowledge platform for the development of legume crop (or protein crop) production and use. 

DemoNet                                      An Industry forum   

An established knowledge transfer network for cultivation and utilisation of field peas and field beans in Germany.

Crop Diversification Cluster                            Collaborating projects

Six EU Horizon 2020 projects collaborating to signpost opportunities for sustainable crop diversification.

Pulse Pod                                     An Industry forum

Blog site of the Global Pulse confederation with lots of market information concerning grain legumes.

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