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Helping the development value chains - Terres Univia

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Slides presented during "Bringing the Legume Innovation Network together "

Webinar 8: European legumes in transition 11th May 2021

"Helping the development value chains on oilseeds and protein crops"

Presented by : Laurent Rosso (Director) 

Terres Univia - an association gathering all actors representative of the value chain: an example of National organization helping the development value chains on oilseeds and protein crops. . 

TERRES UNIVIA is a French interprofessional association with 3 colleges in its board:

Growers, warehousing cooperatives and merchants, and end users.

It represents oilseed and oil fruit sector (oil seed rape, sunflower, soya, linseed, olive) and legume sector (field pea, fababean, lupin, lentil, chickpea, alfalfa) interests. 

The purpose of Terres Univia is to bring together and represent the professional organisations of these sectors, from production to industrial processing: breeding activities (seed breeders, seed multipliers), crop production, storage activities and industrial transformation.

Terres Univia oversees market trends, regulatory and food safety information, and statistical information. Terres Univia also stimulates and supports research programs with external experts, such as Terres Inova and ITERG, INRAE, CNRS, INSERM.

Terres Univia aims to facilitate interactions between professional partners, to undertake activities of collective interest action, and to promote the development and the use of oilseeds and legumes. 

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