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Growing Green: The importance of legumes for our future food system

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Slides presented during "Bringing the Legume Innovation Network together "

Webinar 8: European legumes in transition 11th May 2021

"Growing Green: The importance of legumes for our future food system"

Presented by: Tim Thorpe - Senior Campaigns and Policy Officer

The Vegan Society -  Tim is the environment and farming spokesperson for the society and leads their Grow Green campaign, which calls for a transition towards sustainable plant-based farming across the UK and EU. .Tim underlines the importance of legumes to The Vegan Society’s objectives and to their Grow Green campaign. Pulses are the cornerstone of vegan nutrition and will play a central role in achieving a more sustainable, ethical and health promoting food system. Tim covers some of the consumer trends in this direction and asks, can the LIN help to facilitate this change?

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