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Unit Values in International Trade as price indicators of Legumes in the EU

Topic: Crop, Report

In 2018  foreign trade data was used to derive unit values of legumes in German imports and exports to be used as a price indicators for the domestic grain legume markets.

The authors focussed on the unit values of pea and faba bean in the United Kingdom (UK), France (FR) and Germany (DE). These being three of the main producing countries of the two most important grain legumes in the EU. A comparison within the three countries was carried out. The unit values highlight the values of legumes in the context of international trade and reflect supply and demand as well as quality
aspects in the considered time periods.

They conclude that to ensure a sustainable use of unit values as price indicators, the choice of the indicator (Export or Import) is decisive. Higher transaction volumes in a specific period result in more stable corresponding unit values over longer time periods.

Authors :

Bruno Kezeya, Marcus Mergenthaler: FH-SWF Soest, Germany

Bocar Samba Ba, Tiana Smadja: Terres Univia, France

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Bruno Kezeya Sepngang

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