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Correlation between prices of grain legumes and prices of feed, fertilisers and meat

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The undervaluation of domestic-grown legumes in official price reporting is an obstacle to market development in Germany and possibly in Europe. Asymmetric market information between actors and uncertain price expectations are major hindrances. Farm internal use can be an alternative for external marketing but cannot be decoupled from general market developments due to substitution effects. In earlier studies, price indicators were developed from the main feed substitutes and the unit value in foreign trade. However, identifying possible price indicators for legumes remains one of the most important objectives to better understand price setting and to foster price setting transparency as a basis for market development. The aim of the present study is to explore the correlation between the prices of feed, fertiliser and meat and the prices of field beans and field peas as well as to evaluate whether these prices can be used as price indicators for legumes.

Key words: Correlation, prices, grain legumes, feed, fertiliser, meat.

Authors: Bruno Kezeya Sepngang, Wolfgang Stauss, Ina Stute, Marcus Mergenthaler




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