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General Project Information

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The project went live in June 2017. After the 12 months the 1st Annual News Letter has been prepared, providing an update on the project back ground and progress of the partners over the first year.   ...

CATEGORY: General Project Information

Several research groups together with companies and farmers seek to increase the sustainability of European agriculture by sharing strategies and tools The weight of the agricultural sector in Europe and the need to face the problems that stop the sector from being sustainable economically nor environmentally are part of the breeding ground that motivates the financing of proj ...

CATEGORY: General Project Information

Roger Vickers, Chief Executive of PGRO (Processors and Growers Research Organisation) announced today that the web site for ‘LEGVALUE’ is now live (  There is also a LEGVALUE twitter account at @LEGumeVALUE.

CATEGORY: General Project Information

 ‘LEGVALUE’ - A new European research programme promoting sustainable agricultural systems in the EU.

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