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LEGVALUE WORKSHOP (WP 1 -Farms & WP 2 - Value Chains)

Invitation to the 2-in-1 LegValue Workshop from 
3rd to 5th December 2018 in Paris, FRANCE

Two workshops are organized in Paris - FRANCE (AgroParisTech - 16, rue Claude Bernard – Paris), for the WP1 (on farms) and WP2 (on value chains) from LegValue.

The WP1 (Farms) Workshop on “Services supplied by current and future European cropping systems” Tuesday 4th at 1:30 pm until Wednesday 5th at 12:00 am.

The WP2 (Value Chains) Workshop on “Technological and organizational innovations in legumes-based value chains” Monday 3rd 1:30 pm until Tuesday 4th at 12:00 am.

Organized by LegValue project participants:

Antoine Cerles (ADIV), Christophe Cotillon (ACTIA), Marie-Hélène Jeuffroy (INRA), Marie-Benoît Magrini (INRA), Martina Modotti (INRA),Emilie Parafita (ADIV),

Frédéric Muel (Terres Inovia, Coordinator of Legvalue Project), Noémie Simon (Terres Univia), Tiana Smadja (Terres Univia), Elodie Tormo (Terres Univia).


Objectives of the workshop

Discussing the various actions of the 4 tasks of WP1:

Services supplied by legumes within cropping systems (from databases and from a farmer survey).

The current dominant rotations in the various countries in Europe.

The current dominant cropping systems in France and the indicators that we propose to use to characterize the performance of current and future cropping systems in Europe.

The estimation of achievable yield for various legume species in Europe, and the characteristics of the 'decision support system' design.


Discussing the heterogeneity of the legumes-based value chains in Europe.

Technological and/or organizational innovations.

The way that those innovations impacted on the emergence and development of those value chains; and hence, theirs impacts on the legumes-based added value creation and sharing, and legume cultivation.

The presentations of this Workshop will be based on results from an original LegValue project survey among more 100 stakeholders of various legumes chains in Europe realized at the spring 2018. The discussion will be expanded with insights from several key-speakers from research and legumes chains.

Focus groups involving the participants will be held to discuss specific questions arising from the discussions. These will  help the LegValue project team prepare a key-report for Europe on the challenges of fostering both technological and organizational innovations in legumes-based value chains to enhance legumes cultivation in Europe.


Please register here before November the 16th if you are interested in the LEGVALUE workshops. 

To view the preliminary program please click here.

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For any queries, please contact:

For the WP1 workshop

Martina Modotti – INRA -
Marie-Hélène Jeuffroy – INRA –

For the WP2 workshop

Tiana Smadja – Terres Univia/Terres Inovia – /
Marie-Benoît Magrini – INRA -

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