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Economics of culture and food in evolving agri-food systems and rural areas

EAAE Seminar 174

New Campus of University of Basilicata

Matera, Italy  10-12 October 2019

Culture is a driver of a range of topics currently investigated by the agricultural and food economics profession.

Examples include, change in consumer behaviour and working habits, innovation and technology acceptance, link between supply and demand through food networks, trust, governance, private action and public policy. These different branches of agricultural and food economics are often studied separately, yet cultural issues are interconnected and affect the vitality and competitiveness of the agriculture, food and bio-economy systems.

The seminar explores the different meanings of culture and their relationships with agriculture and food systems as interpreted through the lens agricultural and food economists.

Please have a look at the event website here; Topics for discussion from a very broad perspective touching a variety of issues such as:

  1. Cultural changes and food consumption.
  2. Local culture, global culture and rural/sustainable development.
  3. Food quality and culture.
  4. Cultural issues in the organization of agri-food global value chains.
  5. Culture and innovation.
  6. Culture and agricultural policy.
  7. Culture and values.

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