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" European Legumes in Transition"

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14th April 2021 - 15th April 2021 - Brussels, Belgium

Concluding conference of the LegValue project

The two EC-funded Horizon-2020 projects, LegValue and TRUE began in 2017 with the remit to identify transition paths enabling home-grown legumes in more sustainable food- and feed-value chain in the Europe.

These projects are led by Frederic Muel of Terres Innovia and Pete Iannetta of the James Hutton Institute (respectively), and the multi-national multi-partner consortia have spent four years piecing together an image of the components which comprise the European Union’s food systems, and which is best summarised as ‘fragmented’.

The TRUE-Project has largely focussed on innovations with legumes beyond the farm gate and has studied the impact their adoption might have on the supply networks. The LEGVALUE-project on the other hand has focussed on studies at farmer and regional production level and values along the supply chain. Both projects have worked closely to maximise their impact using numerous real-life commercial Case Studies, at both pilot and full-commercial scales to generate their insights.

Their common aim has been to examine the levers influencing increased legume production and to identifying opportunities to encourage transition in production systems, the ultimate aim being increased European self-sufficiency in plant protein production, and to optimise the role of legumes in that.

As the projects draw their conclusions this “European Legumes in Transition” conference will deliver its findings, hear from leading influencers how they believe legumes can be exploited to deliver a more sustainable and environmentally resilient agricultural system for Europe, and the opportunities that exist to realise the transitions envisaged.

Crop diversification is likely to be a big part of European agriculture of the future and a cluster of Horizon-2020 projects are actively exploring this aspect and contributions from these projects will be presented at this conference too. 

This is a significant knowledge transfer and networking event, attendance will be limited to 150 people and is expected to attract an audience representing the entire legume-focused supply chain stakeholders from across Europe.

13th April: Pre event registration evening from 1800- 2030hrs

14th April - Day 1: Decisionmakers forum. transition or transformation to sustainable food-systems

14th April Evening: A Policy Dialogue Event 1730 – 2030hrs

15th April - Day 2: Legume stakeholders forum. Science in action - implementing the European Legume Innovation Network.

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Event Location:

Vertretung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen bei der Europäischen Union: Rue Montoyer 47, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the European Union: Rue Montoyer 47, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Telephone: +32 (2) 739-1775

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